Psychological Tests and Assessments

Psychological tests and assessments provide a broader understanding of a person’s traits and abilities. The tests and assessments are found to be much the same as medical tests as they contribute to assessing a client’s behavior and are able to conclude with a diagnosis and treatment plan. In addition, a psychologist selects a particular set of assessments according to what is required for the client. A psychological evaluation can only be carried out by psychologists that are licensed and proficiently qualified to conduct assessments and tests and to elucidate the results.

Types of Psychological Tests and Assessment

There are different types of psychological tests and assessments. Psychological assessments are broken down into 4 primary types which are 

  • Clinical Interview
  • Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (IQ)
  • Personality Assessment
  • Behavioral Assessment

Clinical Interview

Clinical interviews are known to be the center of all psychological testing. Hence, clinical interviews provide a broader base for experts to accumulate data and background information about the person.

Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (IQ)

Assessment of Intellectual Functioning addresses one’s IQ. It is a theoretical build that enables us to measure general intelligence. It is important to bear in mind that IQ tests do not determine a person’s actual intelligence and are used to measure what is believed could possibly be important factors that contribute to intelligence. With that being said, there are two primary measures that are carried out to contribute to the test of a person’s intellect, which are intelligence tests and neuropsychological assessment.

Behavioral Assessment

Behaviour Assessment is known for its process of observing and understanding a person’s behavior and the reason behind that behavior. This will provide the psychologists a clearer picture of components that can be used as reinforcements and what will be considered as a trigger to that individual. 

Desired Outcome of Psychological Tests and Assessments

Psychologists put a lot of effort into figuring out ways to understand the main cause of dysfunctional behaviors, hence finding out ways to contribute and help improve for their clients. Therefore, psychological testing enables them to help recognize between the different types of diagnoses and allow them to help guide their client to better understand what is going on with them. It helps psychologists to to identify what are the gaps and where their client should start to seek help from.

Written by Allyssa Shannen Boudville

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