For many, year 2020 has been a challenging year. Despite all the challenges, it has made us better, stronger and able to face all that would come our way. As we are getting ready and can’t wait to welcome a new year, let’s take time and ponder on the lessons learned in year 2020 and plan for a better 2021.

Reflection Exercise (on self)

What was your biggest challenge?

How did you overcome the challenge?

What lesson(s) did you learn from the challenge?

What would be different the next time you face similar challenge?

Gratitude Exercise

What are the things, people or events that you are grateful for this year?

What would you do to show your appreciation for all that has happened this year?

What would you do to remind you of the things you are grateful for?

Reflection Exercise (on child)

What was your child’s biggest challenge?

How did he / she overcome the challenge?

What changes have you noticed about him / her for this year?

What are you grateful for about your child this year?

How would you acknowledge your child for all the achievement he / she has made this year?

How would you hope your child to grow or develop next year?

My personal reflection

2020 taught me

1. The importance of team work – Building a team requires effort, time and trust. The level of trust you give to your team will determine how much they will perform. As I inherently believe that every human being want to do their best, I would need to continue to trust my team and give them the space and opportunity for them to grow. It is never too late to build your team.

2. To reflect on what truly mattered to me. It forced me to actively consider my options and choices – it does feel like giving myself another chance on living my life, doing what matters most to me.

3. The years I have spend wondering in the dark, making choices, discovering and improving self have brought me to where I am today. It felt like I have been practicing my whole life for this BIG competition in 2020. How well I have emerged from this competition reflects on how much I have truly learned these past years.

4. Opinion is the only thing that everyone is entitled to. Regardless of what other people’s opinion, I am who I am. I decide what path I want to take. I have a choice (and that is my right).

5. Children are resilient. They adapt in their environment. The support we give them will either support their growth or push them more into chaos. Observation, understanding and communication are critical to build on their level of trust. For children who requires additional support, trained professional suggestions can be sourced to support their progress.

I did my personal reflection here (click link).

Welcoming 2021!

As with all new year, we want to start the year with a Bang! We wish to be able to support more families in their journey and bring greater impact to our community in creating a loving and supportive environment for every one.

Wishing you a year full of joy and love in 2021.

Happy New Year!

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