Building resilience in my child’s tactile sensitiveness through brushing

Brushing is one of the techniques commonly used to support children with sensory processing difficulties. Research data can neither prove nor dispel the effectiveness of the brushing technique in supporting children with sensory difficulties. Therefore, it is highly recommended for parents to seek professional help from occupational therapists to cater to their child’s needs.

Does my child have specific learning disability?

Children with specific learning disability may appear normal or developing on par with peers. Signs and red flags occur when they are placed in a formal learning environment. It is important for parents to seek feedback from school or teachers to know if your child is facing specific challenges while in school. With their feedback, parents can seek for appropriate therapy or intervention to support your child’s learning.

What do I do if I suspect my child is special?

If you noticed any development or non-development of your child, do raise your concern with your child’s doctor. It is essential that you seek early medical support or therapies for your child and address the delays while it is not significant.